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Commercial Lighting and Home & Garden Yard Art!

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Hello Eco Friendly Shoppers:

     Welcome to our Solar Store!  We are trying to spread some Eco future here with our solar products to help keep our god loving earth as pure and natural as possible, by using the power of the sun to brighten our properties with all of our fine quality products, from panels for the whole house to attractive quality garden and pathway lighting, and even Solar Video Security for your property.

I have been using solar products for over 20 yrs. and love the ease and beauty that the sunshine can do for the decor of your home. I really have my wife to thank as she is the one that has inspired me to put the solar industry into our future. I have traveled the lower 48 states as an over the road truck driver an have seen the smog and dirt hovering over large cities, some times you can't believe your eyes, but it is there! So lets all try to help this great world of ours to stay cleaner by using natural sunlight to power the devices of our present and future. And also make money back by using solar power to sell back to the companies that dig into our pockets. So lets all work together to make our earth a cleaner place to live.


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Ricks Solar Store and More.com

 Rick and Linda